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< — That’s the real me. And I’m going to be completely up front with you. I’m tired of B.S. on the web, just like you!


Before we even get started here, I’m going to share with you that I HATE SALES PAGES LIKE THIS! Well, actually I don’t spend much time in the hating mode. But you know what I mean. So many contrived sales techniques, convincing statements, bla bla bla. So I am just going to tell you upfront that I refuse to follow whatever sales strategies are supposed to work. I believe I have an incredible and unique product. And I am simply going to be very straight with you about who I am and what makes my product stand out in the world of dating and attraction.

First of all I don’t expect you to believe the things I say because you really don’t know me. So I am going to say that I have tested the concepts I teach on the streets of Las Vegas. Vegas is a highly competitive place. If you don’t know what you are doing, plenty of guys will be happy to show you by scooping up the beautiful young ladies right there in front of you. Now when I tell you that I have tested my concepts in the REAL WORLD, I really don’t want you to go through the headaches that I experienced trying to figure out “is this guy for real or not?”

This is why I am doing what I have not seen other teachers do. And that is to share my photo album (above) with you. I want you to see with your own eyes that I am not someone who simply ran around the internet, gathered a bunch of old info, slapped it into a product, and tried to get you to believe he knew something. My concepts are original and tested. I will let you know soon how why and how they are original.

A truth I wish to share with you is that I am not currently at the top of my (non)game. Over two years ago I was. But I am not now. Don’t get me wrong, I am enormously better than I was before setting out to solve my problems with attracting women. But I want to be real with you that I am not now. The reason this is true is because over two years ago, after spending the previous couple years or so testing my theories on the streets of Las Vegas, I completely stopped going out! I stopped going out because I wanted to document ALL THE INCREDIBLE THINGS THAT I HAD LEARNED.

If I told you exactly how many hours I’ve spent doing that over the last 2ish years, you probably would not believe me. But the problem with me is I have some perfectionist tendencies. Although my Audio Program is only 2 hours long, if it had everything I originally wrote it would be more like 10 hours long. Although I have had many people tell me that I should have kept it longer because people would see it as more valuable that way. But I had already decided that I was going to create a product unlike the crap that had so frustrated me in the past. If people think that 10 hours of fluff and filler is more valuable than 2 hours of solid information then so be it.

Along my own journey to solve my problems with women I myself had purchased audio, video, and written programs. But I was SOOO FRUSTRATED with how long they were and how much time I had to spend to get to the small nuggets of useful information!!!! (Grrrrrr! I just felt that frustration again just thinking about it!!! Grrrr again. Okay done!).

Anyway I was determined to not give that same type of experience to anyone who would purchase the product I was creating. So I refused to call it finished until I felt it was very lean, condensed, and packed with the best information I had to offer.

Getting better with women is a right brain process, whereas documenting information, or putting information into a real world teachable format is a completely left brain excersize. All those hours of writing, rewriting, recording, editing, re-recording, etc, is totally left brain. And regardless of what any teacher tells you, Real World Internal Self Change Occurs When You Are DOING AND APPLYING THE RIGHT PRINCIPLES, not just learning and storing the knowledge in your brain.  “Doing” is a right brain, living in the Now, process. Thinking is a left brain, staying in your head, rather than participating in the real world, process.

So the greatest changes for me happened during the process of “DOING” in the real world. That is when I was improving and reaching my pinnacle of change. But when I stopped DOING and instead began documenting the path for others to follow is when I lost a few percentage points off what I like to call internal attraction energy. Which is related to confidence and our ability to attract.

There are two types of teachers in this field, One type has always been pretty good with women, the other type has completely transformed himself from very bad with women to very good with women. The first type may work okay for guys who do not have underlying emotional attraction blocks. In other words the first type is for guys that are emotionally healthy but just don’t understand how to get the girl. This first type of teacher will generally have very small variations of how good or bad he is with women.

I am in the second category. I had deep seeded internal issues that made it virtually impossible for me to attract the type of women that I wanted. When men (who have not ever had category 2 type issues) read a statement like this they will often say, “man up, and get over it”. And it is fine that they do not understand how real these blocks are to a person that has to deal with them. But the more deep seeded or intense these type of feelings are, the more energy is required (at first) to overwrite the old programs. The old programs block us and need to be replaced with new programs that free us to Get EVERYTHING We Want From Women – laid, liked, or loved.

Because I am in the second category it was very important that I did not stop my practices too soon. But I did not know this at the time. I got to a point where I was doing so incredibly with women that I felt invincible. I felt so incredibly good internally that I believed my journey was over. This was actually a mistake I made which I address in my audio program so others do not make the same mistake. “The Rule of 40’s” explains my mistake and how to avoid it. What the heck, I will give you the general concept right now.

In essence “The Rule Of 40’s” teaches you not to trust your feelings once you feel on top of the world. And that it is imperative to keep doing what you are doing so that these incredible feelings you are experiencing at the shallow surface level will imbed deeper into your mind and neurological network for more lasting change.

The deeper subconscious feelings are like a sound. They resonate within your body at a certain volume so-to-speak. As you practice the powerful concepts that I teach on a regular basis, you are creating a new sound (feeling that is) that increases in volume until the previous sound seems muted. But the problem is that that previous sound (although not noticed) is still there and if you stop too soon, the newer sound will diminish and the old will return.

This is why once the snowball is rolling fast and gaining such great momentum you must keep it going (which by the way is tons of fun at this point). This extra time allows for the new feelings to actually replace the old feelings, rather than to simply “be louder”. So you must keep going, even though you already feel completely healed and awesome so that you  may have deep and lasting change in your attraction potential.

My program will do best for those who, like myself, have internal emotional attraction blocks. These types of blocks manifest as approach anxiety, fear of rejection, inability to be yourself around attractive women, etc. They generally have underlying causes related to feelings of unworthiness and inferiority. They are feelings which may or may not be related to thoughts about ones self. For example I always thought that I was a great guy. I liked who I was. But my feelings were in opposition to my thoughts. Although I BELIEVED I was equal to others, I FELT inferior. So my feelings and thoughts were in two completely different places.

These internal attraction blocks come from childhood experiences and can only be overwritten with the right tools. The most powerful ability to attract and get what you want from women COMES FROM WITHIN YOU. It comes from your view of women and the world and how you contrast THEM to YOURSELF. The more FULL and COMPLETE you feel, the more attractive and powerful you become. Attraction blocks stop us from feeling this. They cause us instead to feel incomplete, unworthy, weak, and powerless. To give an example of where these feelings come from I will share with you the source of my own Attraction blocks.

To a child, the entire universe revolves around him. Everything bad that happens is because of him. The younger he is, the more he internalizes bad things around him as being because of him. My attraction blocks were, feeling unworthy of love (or variations of love like affection, etc), and feeling inferior to both men and women.

My deep seeded feeling/belief came from the following. Mom left at 4, dad sent me to a foster home, then each foster home sent me to the next. This repeated 5ish times. I became convinced in the core of my emotional feeling network that I was not worthy of love and if someone started off liking me, I knew for certain that they would stop liking me as they spent time with me. So this was my “unworthiness of love” Attraction block.

And it was genius the way it worked. The more I believed it, the more I made it come true. The longer someone would show interest, the more I would retreat back into myself as I waited for the next shoe to drop. And the more I retreated, the more the other person felt she was being rejected so she would reject me. And her rejection of me (not knowing it was my belief which caused it) would confirm my own belief of unworthiness.

Fascinating cycle isn’t it? We truly do create self fulfilling prophecies.

My other Attraction block was feeling inferior to both guys and girls. It happened like this. I was born into an angry environment. My father was an alcoholic, gambleholic and at the very least, emotionally abusive to my mother. At the age of one day I arrived in the company of a goliath creature (dad) who was up to 20 times bigger than myself. That goliath creature was unpredictable and there wasn’t anyone around who was more powerful than he. Over the next four years I am certain there were some good and bad experiences alike. But emotion is such a powerful and overwhelming force that it caused that young version of me to feel extremely weak and powerless. So that was where my feelings of physical weakness and inferiority arose.

The younger we are when we experience these types of feelings the deeper they embed into our entire emotional being. And the longer they stay with us at various levels internally.

Now before you call the WHAAAmbulance. Just freeze-frame for a minute. I’m not sharing this with you to make you feel bad. Nor am I sharing this to hear you say that you had it worse or better. I’m not interested in all of that. What I am interested in sharing with you is that nothing in my entire life has helped me to truly overcome my attraction blocks as powerfully as the concepts that are in my Audio Program. N O T H I N G !

You see, learning to attract and get everything you want from women, laid, liked, or loved, is the perfect vehicle to overcome both of the blocks that I just described and many others that are related to these blocks. Why? Because all feelings of inferiority and unworthiness happened because of your belief choices. But in reality when you were young, you had no control over what you would believe. You were pre-determined, in a sense, to believe that all things bad happened because you were an inferior product. As you got older your feelings fed your belief which fed your feelings. And you could never escape because you kept remaining convinced that your reality proved your beliefs.

All of these emotional blocks remain in place because your overall picture of you is as a small “I” in a world of bigger “I’s”. Even if you don’t THINK that is true the overall average of you FEELS it is true.

The Nongame Audio Program For Men teaches you a new language. It teaches you a new way to think. You see, there are certain truths that have been around for incredible amounts of time. And what I have done is I have uncovered these incredible, universal, truths and have figured out how to apply them to this particular subject of Attracting and Getting EVERYTHING You Want From Women.

Your next question should be well “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO FIGURE THIS STUFF OUT?” My answer is “I DON’T KNOW. BUT I DID.” Well I did for me anyway.

Maybe it wont work for you. I don’t know. All I can tell you is that my eyes have been opened up to some incredible concepts that I have never heard anyone apply to getting laid, liked, or loved. These concepts have been around forever! But for some reason they have not been applied properly toward the purpose of transforming a man internally to his most attractive self. These principles have transformed my inner being from feeling like a small “i” to feeling like an “I” that is big enough to have enough left over to want to help others to feel the same.

And what is very fascinating about this is that when you are full and less needy, women come to you. They come to you because you don’t need them. They like you more because you don’t have to have them. They avoid the other guys more because they show desperation. As the other guys become more and more hungry for the ladies bodies, they run faster toward you. And in your full state of being, some of these women want to be physically close to you. And you get everything you want from women because the women are comfortable with you. Without your even needing to think about wanting physical closeness and enjoyment with them, they start wanting it from you. You see, both male and female want that beautiful physical closeness.

It’s just that men overlook the simpler gifts of the feminine. Some men don’t want to touch a womans heart to get to her body because women fall in love too easily. And the man wants to remain free and enjoy other women. But even this problem can be solved. It’s all about learning to be a real man, to be true to yourself. There is a way to stay single and even have multiple lovers if that is your desire. It can be accomplished without any deceit whatsoever. As a matter of fact it is the lack of deceit that actually makes it all possible.

Once again it is all about your beliefs. The more powerfully and comfortably you embrace your own beliefs, the more women and the world will embrace them also. Confidence is the key. Remaining true to yourself is the key. And following the universally powerful concepts in my Audio Program will fill in the gaps on how to do this.

As I said, will it work for you? I dunno! If you apply the principles in the way I lay them out then I don’t see how they cannot. But if they don’t then I will give you a total refund. I am not going to ask you why. I am simply going to refund your money. And I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that it just wasn’t quite what you needed.





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"To aquire all the knowlege in this program, you would need to ask me all the right questions and I would have to be in the frame of mind to give you the very best version of each answer. Not only that but you would have to write down the perfect notes. But this Audio Program saves you from all that hassle as well as hundreds to thousands of dollars to get the answers through private coaching. The price for this program is NOTHING compared to the value you are recieving.

Charles Jase




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