Pick-Up Artists Vs. NonGAME

pickup-artist-vs-natural2Because some people in the Pickup community refer to their methodologies as “The Game”, some may assume that THE nonGAME is at odds with Pick-up Artists. But it is not the title that makes the man but the man who makes the man.

Sometimes a title is adopted because you can’t come up with a better one. I mean think about it, what are the choices out there? Do we call ourselves a ladies man, chick magnet, Don Juan, Casanova, Pick-up artist, the congruent man, or maybe a NonGamer.

I dunno!  So far the best I can come up with for me is “CJ “. My creativity knows no bounds! 😉

If there is a title that conveys the fact that I love and adore the energy of the feminine, and I love the way that energy reveals itself through her eyes and her smile and the way she moves her body through this physical realm, then perhaps I will call myself by that title.

But until then I am CJ , your friendly neighborhood Dating Coach.

Thought exercise: Think about the way I just described my attraction to women then think about the way most guys describe theirs. Since our thoughts are directly related to our attraction quotient – level of attractiveness – which thoughts would you say would make us more attractive to women?

But I digress. The Pickup Artist community has brought great value to the discussion of Attraction. Some of their most astute observers have brought to light the behaviors that are very attractive to women as well as the ones that women intuitively find repelling. These men were practically scientists of behavioral attraction.

I am thankful to those who have worked to push beyond their own self limitations. They not only pushed beyond to learn for themselves but they then shared that knowledge with the world, that all who desire to expand themselves may participate in the ever-evolving knowledge of attraction.

As is true with most knowledge, some have taken it to a darker side and others are in search of a way to incorporate it into their lives in a manner which expands the self while at the same time enhancing the world around them.

I cannot apply the term “Pick-up Artist” to myself because it is incongruent with my methodology of getting what I want from women. I teach …

  • “When you focus on the body the body will run away.”
  • When you focus on the woman inside the body, all of her is drawn toward you.

… To which some will reply, “I don’t want all of her drawn to me, I want to enjoy her without any strings attached.” – check out “Dating Multiple Women” in My Audio Program to solve this problem.

So what do we call those who practice my methodology? Im still working on that one. Suggestions? But the bottom line is why would I judge any man for some title he may have simply adopted for lack of anything better?


No man gets involved in , as they call it, “The Game” for the purpose of hurting women. They get in it to push through barriers and get more of what they want out of life. And the small portion of those men who play tricks & games with women do so because they have not yet discovered a better way.

The NonGame Audio Program adds to this desire to evolve by calibrating the INNER MAN so that his outer behaviors NATURALLY match the most attractive behaviors spoken of by teachers of “The Game”.

Remember, the behaviors that were discovered as attractive were not invented by anyone. They were recognized and uncovered by observation. But the behaviors have always naturally occurred with men who were NATURALS AT ATTRACTION.

So since “The Game” showed us the outer behaviors. The nonGAME has been the investigation of what mind frames and attitudes we should focus upon to become our best and most attractive self. We are, in a sense, calibrating the INNER MAN man so that his OUTER BEHAVIOURS are very naturally in alignment with the universal laws of attracting women.

Get the mind right and all outer characteristics will follow.

If a Pick-up Artist were to ask me what things he can bring with him from The Game to The nonGAME? My first answer would be very simple.

  • Anything that you do that raises the fun level for both you and the women with whom you interact, bring it over!

Fun energy that is shared is a powerful force of Attraction! Likewise ..

  • Anything that takes away from the overall joy of life of either person should be left behind.

We are about increasing joy of life for both parties. And as you will learn this increases your overall Attractiveness Potential!

Fun energy is one tool in your calibration tool box. But that tool must be counterbalanced by other equally important tools in your arsenal. Gasoline gives your automobile incredible power to take you to the places you desire. But let’s see how far it will take you without oil!

Get more tools here.

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